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El Shaddia International Christian University is committed to the purpose of training, educating and equipping believers for a lifetime of productive service to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

Our courses are centered on the Bible, which we believe to be the Word of the living God. Our endeavor is to create a hunger for His Word and a proficiency in the declaration of the Gospel through proper communicative skills.

Our courses of the Bible, Christian Business, Christian Counseling, Christian Education, Divinity, Evangelism, Ministry, Religious Education, Theology, and Worship Leadership give a strong foundation from which the Gospel will be proclaimed.

All El Shaddai International Christian University degrees are of an ecclesiastical nature, and whether granted or conferred, are in the restricted area of ministry “For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.” (Ephesians 4:12); and are not designed to be used in secular academic circles. The degree programs of this Seminary are designed solely for religious vocations.

EICU accepts credits from all schools whereby the student can provide official transcripts.

We are proud to be a part of EICU and we consider EICU more than comparable to any other Seminary – anywhere! We are excited that you are considering becoming a student. Let us know if we can be of assistance to you in any way. Like you, we are servants.


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About Us

ABOUT The El Shaddai International Christian University

El Shaddai International Christian University was founded in May 2010 in Miami, under the leadership of a group of men and women of God, as the educational and training ministry of the Worldwide Evangelical Community which is designed to train, equip, and mobilize believers for works of service through global evangelism and discipleship. EICU serves as the official educational and ministry institution for the Worldwide Evangelical Community. We offer five programs of study from Certificate to Doctorate level, which can be studied online, by mail, or in the classroom at one of our local Network Training Centers. Since its inception, EICU has reached more than 3 nations and equipped hundreds of students around the world, who are obeying the great commission to go therefore and make disciples of all nations. EICU is accredited by the International Association of Christian Schools, which provides accreditation for Christian schools, churches, and ministries with a vision for global evangelism and discipleship. EICU is committed to helping our students grow in their faith, increase their knowledge of the Bible, and develop their ministry gifts. Qualified graduates are eligible to apply for licensing/ordination, as well as, teaching opportunities through our Satellite School program; which allows graduates to offer classroom courses to train and equip others in their local communities. We have students and ministers who are studying with us from many different denominational and non-denominational churches. Qualified graduates are eligible for ministerial licensing and ordination, as well as, satellite school, church planting and mission’s opportunities around the world and our online courses are available in more than 4 languages.

At EICU, we believe education should start with the goal and work backwards; because no wise person charts a course until he/she decides on a destination. The wise educator will decide exactly what end they want to accomplish in the lives of their students. They then carefully chart a course that will lead them to arrive at this desired end. Our desired goal or mission is to make disciples, who will make disciples. Therefore, the programs of study and courses that we offer are designed to equip our students with the necessary tools they need in order to carry out that mission. 

EICU, by its very nature does not have the same goal as a public or secular school. And because if we do not share the same goal, we do not share the same methods. Since we do not share the same destination, we do not share the same route.  And finally, because we do not desire the same answer, we do not try to solve the same problem. Before enrolling in EICU, you should ask yourself a few questions. 

1. What is my goal?  

2. What is God's plan for my life? and 

3. How will I use my program of study to reach my goals and fulfill God's plan for my life?

May God be with you!

El Shaddai International Christan University

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